About Us

VHG specializes in the software, advanced-technology, and service industries. Our mandate and objectives are to help our clients improve their operational performance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

VHG is a Canadian certified management consultancy registered with the CAMC (Canadian Association of Management Consultants). This registration means that we follow a strict code of professional conduct and criteria for service, professionalism, and ethics which ensures a reliable level of commitment and quality, plus the requisite expertise, skills, experience, and understanding for our clients. The CMC (Certified Management Consultant) designation is recognized worldwide as a global credential in all countries that comprise ICMCI – the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (www.icmci.org).

VHG also participates heavily in the formulation of international and national standards and best practices with such organizations as ISO, IEEE, and CSA. As active, working participants, we assure our clients use only internationally-accredited business models, leading-edge strategies, and proven methodologies.

The Proactive Approach

Management Support

For any project effort to be effective, whether it’s improvement or systematic risk mitigation, it must have complete executive management support.


For any initiative to have value, management must internalize the philosophy that unacceptable problems or product and service defects always originate from either the system’s processes or the organizational structure within which the process operates, but not on the people who perform them.


For a project to be successful, employees must be reassured that continuous improvement will incorporate an ego- and blame-free approach. Even insubordinate or malicious employee conduct can usually be traced back to either the hiring or training process.

VHG’s approach to evaluation, improvement, and risk management ascribes to the philosophies of Deming, Juran, and Crosby: problems are not attributable to the people performing the work, but to the process or system itself. We can help you trace back the root cause of your organization’s problems to unclear objectives, missing customer requirements, or ineffective or broken processes, such as those found in out-of-date training processes, misdirected process flows, wrong process inputs, hand-offs that go nowhere, or systems failing to operate as a closed loop.

We help our clients measure their operational performance, at all levels in the organization, to ensure the right things are done right the first time, ensuring minimal rework and maximum results. We also support a program of incremental improvements that proves a history of success and foundation that will drive and sustain improvements over time.

Sustained performance is not compelled by reactive fire-fighting. Short-term fixes work well, in the short term. The only reliable way to induce defects permanently out of the system is to become proactive: analyse, measure, plan, fix, validate, and cycle through again.

Our approach helps you become both systematic and measurement-driven. Executive management must first ascertain, then clearly and accurately communicate their true objectives, in measurable terms. Only then is it possible for staff to systematically translate these policies into an organizational framework that incents the adoption of best practices.

Organizations are simply a collection of people, with objectives and work processes that often appear complex when things don’t work well. But how well they work is a matter of design and simplicity.

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