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  ISO/IEC 15939:2002 Software engineering – Software measurement process

Without measurement, it's impossible to know how closely requirements and objectives are being met. Without measurement, it's a guessing game at best.

The software measurement process supports all management and improvement processes and products. Used as a management tool, it provides accurate, verifiable evidence of performance so that when changes are needed, they can be made with the right data at hand.

ISO/IEC 15504 is a measurement tool for measuring the capability of processes. Between purchasers and suppliers, this type of measurement is critical to ensuring that plans vs actuals become one and the same, that acceptance criteria has been met, and that change can be tracked.

ISO/IEC 15939 specifies generically what measurement information is required, how to apply the measures and analysis results, and finally how to validate the analysis results. Because its language is generic, it can be applied to virtually any process even though it was written for software.

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