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ISO 9001 is now essential to most companies - large or small - across most industry sectors. Whether your goal is to expand into foreign markets, achieve an advantage over competitors, or improve your overall operations, ISO 9001 has become a condition of doing business - both domestically and internationally. But how do you get there if you're a small company with a low budget?

VHG's ISO 9001 Group Training Program. To accommodate clients with limited resources and budgets, VHG started ISO 9001 group training specifically for small (less than 30 employees) companies. Our program is a unique, cost-effective solution to your ISO 9001 implementation. We give you ISO 9001 training, coaching, and assistance throughout the implementation process. By working together as a group, companies share not only experiences, but also substantially reduced costs.

The year-long training program consists of a series of biweekly sessions. The seminars and workshops cover every step of the registration process. There are assignments and exercises, as well as checklists and templates to expedite the development of your qualify system. We give you the professional guidance you need to get and keep your ISO 9001 implementation project on track.

One single registration fee covers all course expenses and materials, a significant saving when compared to the cost of similar programs, individual consulting services, or attempting ISO 9001 implementation alone. The fee is payable over a six-month period, making our program your cash flow-friendly ISO 9001 alternative. And VHG's past training programs have been recognized and supported by the Towns of Markham and Etobicoke, and the Ontario Skills Development Corporation.

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