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  Reviews & Testing

Reviews are an established technique that remove defects efficiently from the work products early in the life cycle. An important by-product of this process is a better understanding of the work products and of defects that might be prevented.

Reviews involve a methodical examination of work products by the producer's peers to identify defects and areas where changes are needed. The specific products that undergo a peer review are identified in the product's / project's defined process and scheduled as part of the planning activities.

It is not uncommon for projects, especially software projects, to spend half of their design budget on testing activities. Improving the testing process represents a significant opportunity for cost savings. Tasks required in implementing a good testing / review process include:

  • test planning
  • organizational structure - the relationship between testing and other functions in the organization
  • writing testing cases
  • test automation
  • collecting data during testing and using it for decision making
  • managing this process to ensure it's performed consistency
  • measuring the outcomes of this process against targets.

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