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  Diagnostics & Analysis - Baselining

Metrics play a critical role in systematic process improvement. Initially, metrics will provide evidence to support a diagnosis and analysis of your organization's performance or customer projects.

Afterward, they are carried forward as a benchmark against which to manage performance and to estimate, track, and control it. Once effective management practices are in place, metrics will enhance any aspect of the organization, including product and process quality and/or environmental management.

Collecting data about defects or issues throughout the life cycle and using that data to focus on defect detection and prevention both supports and enhances your relationship with your customers. Without metrics, project, quality, and environmental management are difficult to implement and if implemented, are often suboptimal.

Process measurement begins with the definition of your goals. Thresholds must be established and actual performance must be monitored via these metrics. Fact-based management becomes possible with early insight into unexpected results. These activities also allow for early root-cause analysis and mitigation planning, and looking for negative trends or unexpected results which exceed control limits in either a positive or negative direction.

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