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  Definition, Design, & Mapping

Process teams can learn as they participate in facilitated process redesign sessions that focus on the best practices and quality / environmental management principles of their industry. Process design and mapping sessions accomplish, at a minimum, the following activities:

  • identification and definition of relationships within the system (customers and suppliers, both internal and external)
  • control over the interfaces with the customer
  • definition and promotion of the internal supplier chain within the organization (i.e. each participant in a process who hands off to the next participant is dealing with an "internal customer")
  • identification of inputs and outputs
  • identification of entrance and exit criteria
  • definition of work product characteristics
  • identification of required management practices
  • identification of process gaps
  • labelling of linkages and handoffs
  • determination of appropriate process controls points
  • definition and specification of required records.
At the end of these sessions, everyone has a better appreciation of not only their roles, but also of the impact they have on other areas of the organization. The result is typically an improvement in both communication and teamwork.

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