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  Data Quality

The average employee spends up to 50% of their day looking for information that should be readily available. One can extrapolate the effects on productivity and customer satisfaction and what improvements could be possible if this length of time could be reduced even by half.

Most organizations have no idea how much information they own or the degree of its accuracy. The keep everything, just in case. The more information they have, the greater the likelihood that they will have a difficult time retrieving it.

Do you know how much data you own?
IS it accurate and complete? How much is useful?
How would you survive a records audit?
In how many places does the same information exist, the duplication of which increases the likelihood of error?
Can you always find what you need exactly when you need it?

If your answers to these questions reveal some gaps in your data quality, consider taking action to clean up your data, purge what's unnecessary, and make your important records readily available for those who need it.

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